An effortless way to spread the cost of parking

To join your employer's Workplace Parking scheme please call us on:
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How it works

Workplace Parking schemes are designed to help you spread the cost of parking at work. Our schemes cover a wide range of car parks, including employer-owned car parks and private operators such as NCP, so you can choose a car park which is convenient for your work.

When you sign up for Workplace Parking, your employer will provide you with your chosen parking permit in exchange for an equivalent amount of your normal salary. Salary deductions will be made each month over the period of the parking permit, spreading the cost and making the permit more affordable.

Most annual parking permits offer great savings compared to the daily rate, signing up to Workplace Parking will give you access to these savings.

Scheme benefits

  • No more searching for change for parking meters.
  • Spread the cost evenly over the term of the permit.
  • Pay for the cost of the permit via salary deduction.

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